What is Beard Oil?!

by Joshua Horton

Beard Oil should be a staple product for everyone with facial hair, from stubble right through to a full thick beard!

A oil based moisturiser that will hydrate your skin and soften your beard.

Beard oil is perfect for moisturising your skin and preventing that itch you get with shorter styles & stubble, also preventing beardruff (beard dandruff) caused by dry skin as your beard grows longer! 

It will soften your beard hair whilst nourishing & strengthening to prevent brittle hair and breakages.

Leaving the skin & hair healthy, moisturised and nourished. Thanks to the fantastic scents on offer from Beard Work, it will also leave your beard & stubble smelling fantastic!

The base of our beard oils is blend of six beard loving carrier oils; argan, avocado, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba & sweet almond. To this blend of oils we add one of our wonderful fragrances to ensure that as well as looking & felling great, your beard will smell great all day!

For best results, beard oil should be used after showering on towel dried hair when your pores are open so the oil can penetrate deep to deliver its benefits, this will also help to lock in moisture to keep your beard soft and nourished all day.

For stubble & shorter styles, 1-2 pumps will do nicely, if and when you grow your beard longer, a couple more pumps may be required. A bit of experimenting is key as no two beards are the same! 

Work the oil between your palms, and apply upwards into your beard and skin, ensuring product is distributed evenly, smooth down and if needed, finish with a beard comb or brush!

We'd also recommend using our oil before bed to ensure the beard & skin stays hydrated while you sleep!

Our beard oils are the result of months of experimenting and profit testing and we strongly believe they are the best on the market! A  light oil that absorbs quickly but works all day! The result is moisturised skin and strong healthy hair that smells SO good! 

Check out our range & get yours today!




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