What is Beard Balm?!

by Joshua Horton

Beard Balm is a must have product for those with medium to longer beard styles

A deep conditioning product that will nourish, strengthen and add a light hold to keep your beard in check!

Beard balm is perfect for nourishing your beard & the the skin underneath, preventing itchiness and beardruff (beard dandruff). It will also add a light hold to tame fly aways and smooth your beard as well as increasing the overall density! 

It will soften your beard hair whilst nourishing & strengthening to prevent brittle hair and breakages.

Leaving the skin & hair healthy, nourished and tamed, Beard Work' fantastic balms also leave your beard smelling amazing!

We blend two butters together that are ideal for beards; kokum & mango. These provide the fantastic consistency that provides our unrivalled ease of application. To this we add beeswax which provides the hold for the beard to keep it tidy without weighing it down. We then add our famous blend of 6 carrier oils which give their wonderful benefits of keeping the skin & hair healthy, nourished and moisturised. 

For best results, beard balm should be used a few minutes after using beard oil, we do not recommend using balm before oil!

Working a pea sized amount of product between palms, once melted, apply the product through the beard and smooth down, use a beard comb or brush to finish and style, leaving you beard healthy, nourished, tamed and smelling wonderfully! 

 Our beard balms are the result of months of experimenting and profit testing and we strongly believe they are the best on the market! An unrivalled ease of application without weighing down your beard, all whilst providing a light hold to keep your beard in tip top condition.

Your beard will thank you!

Check out our range & get yours today!


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